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Security Check has been able to distinguish itself in the field of security audit from other companies in the same field by creating databases that are updated on a daily basis. This data is drawn from the judicial and security authorities in each country. In addition, Security Check uses global criminal databases derived from the public domain, ensuring that privacy rules are not violated.

ISVSC has extended their experience and enhance it with the evaluation and research. Our dedicated team of experienced consultants and researchers supported by our highly qualified management aspires to provide expert, top-quality consultancy, monitoring, and training services to international and local, businesses, donors.

The Market Check is a service defined on monitoring of markets in countries that import products, the operations are carried out by experienced teams using state-of-the-art technology to ensure that the service is provided accurately so as to reach a correct result.

Data Check is one of the projects of the Specialized International Verification Services Company. This entails verification of academic and professional qualifications certificates, including professional licenses through more than 21,000 issuing authorities across more than 120 countries and territories.

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