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International Specialized Verification Services Company (ISVSC) one of the largest providers of verification services in the world, serving both governments and the private sector. With over 500 trained staff in the Middle East and North Africa, ISVSC specializes in employment screening, asset protection, and trademark research in addition to evaluation services for companies and individuals. We believe that our mix of intellectual, operational, and technical capabilities are key to effecting change and enhancing commercial sustainability. We succeeded thanks to our cooperation with our clients, our open and coordinated communication, and our constant focus on meeting our clients’ changing needs.

The Capabilities of International Specialized Verification Services (ISVSC)

Thousand of applications processed monthly, With An average of 14,000 requests are processed every month.

Global Coverage

ISVSC has a strong presence in the Arabian Gulf region and offices in Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, Lebanon, India and the Philippines. This is in addition to our global network of exclusive agents through 50,000 monitoring agencies and issuing authorities worldwide.


Our Services

  • Data Check

  • Security Check

  • Market Check

  • Evaluation

Different types of documents, including academic and professional certificates and professional licenses, are verified through more than 45,000 document issuers in more than 120 countries and territories. Documents provided by job applicants are also verified to ensure they have the required qualifications thereby reducing negative impact of unqualified applicants on businesses and communities.
This service is available to both the public and private sectors. Security Check is one of the few companies in the field of global security auditing and the only Arab company of its kind in the Middle East. Security Check stands apart from other security auditing companies because of its detailed databases that are updated daily with information drawn from judicial authorities and security services in every country.
The aim of Market Check is protect from trademark and other intellectual property theft by monitoring and tracking traditional and electronic market outlets. This service covers the entire Middle East, particularly the Arabian Gulf. Our specialized team serves well known brands by examining supply chains and other movement of assets, market intelligence, and tracking of counterfeit goods.
This service researches and evaluates establishments and individuals to highest international standards. Our experts periodically improve evaluation standards in cooperation with specialized international organizations in order to provide services that meet targeted quality standards.




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