Market Check

We offer a number of options for trademark protection and monitoring in the Middle East and Africa. In addition to our relationships and contacts with government agencies and policy making bodies, our team serves well-known brands by examining products and commodities, supply chains, market intelligence, and potential counterfeiting. Market Check is one of the most important projects at ISVSC. It aims to challenge and combat counterfeiting and commercial piracy and all forms of trademark infringement by helping to enforce the law and strengthening legislative regulations. Product brands are among the most important assets to a company. Counterfeit products diminish brand value thereby diminishing the value of the company that owns it. Brand exploitation has become a global organized crime and it is constantly being combated through governments and competent authorities to prevent and mitigate it when it occurs. We design and implement processes that transform specialized technology and creative ideas into easy-to-manage systems designed to control risk, improve efficiency, ensure business continuity and, most importantly, provide a secure, non-intrusive environment for the protection of trademarks and intellectual property. We constantly monitor the market and carry out active investigations. We at Market Check specialize in:

  • Protection from counterfeits products.
  • Trademark and intellectual property protection policies.
  • Researching and verifying trademarks.
  • Trademark registration.
  • Data validation services.
  • Market intelligence and surveys.
  • Verification of authenticity and laboratory testing.
  • Monitoring supply chains.
  • Protection of trademarks through electronic outlets.

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