Security Check

Security Check is one of the few companies in the field of security auditing worldwide and the only one of its kind in the Middle East. Security Check has been able to distinguish itself from other companies operating in the same field through the establishment of databases that are updated daily with data drawn from the judicial and security authorities in every country. It also accesses global databases and some 50,000 other credible sources worldwide. Security Check is available to both government and private entities, and individuals can soon benefit from this service. Security Check aims to protect organizations from certain elements of their personnel and from potential litigation. There has been an increase in cases where employers have been forced to defend themselves against crimes committed by their employees; usually thefts or physical attacks on clients or co-workers. In some cases companies may be held responsible for such crimes and charged with negligence or insufficient due process during hiring. Companies may be found liable for criminal damages, medical bills, and other penalties. Some professions such as medical, engineering, military, critical infrastructure, public transport, etc., require stringent hiring standards and criminal and security records research can be highly beneficial in these cases. Security Check is linked to global criminal databases and public domain sources, ensuring privacy is not violated. I cases where privacy is an issue, we ensure that we have the necessary approvals before working on the project. Our pre-employment screening provides a comprehensive report on the local criminal records, bankruptcy, financial situation and many other factors depending on the customer’s requirements. Employees or foreign workers with serious criminal and financial records can threaten the integrity of enterprises as well as their confidential data, records, and even the entire working environment.

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Examples of some services provided by Security Check:
  • criminal Record:
    Shows the local criminal history of the candidate and varies according to the availability and types of information as well as requirements for different jobs and countries.
  • Reference Check:
    Shows the complete professional and work history of the candidate. There are two basic types:
    • Reference Check:
      We focus our investigations on the key success factors associated with any qualified professional. We look at their key skills such as communication, initiative, reliability, performance under pressure, planning, and multitasking. We investigate and analyze the applicant leadership and management style, and other basic skills such as change management, strategic thinking, team building, influence on others, and negotiation skills.
    • Customized reference:
      We focus on a variety of skills, values, and performance parameters. Our customers benefit from a methodology and structure tailored to the specific needs and employment models of different cultures and industries. We suggest ways to integrate the results of the investigation with other HR information systems that our customers use better evaluate factors such as personal development, gap analysis, and needs assessment.
  • Financial record:
    shows the financial situation of the candidate, including any irregularities, bankruptcy issues and other vital financial information.
  • Surveillance lists and international sanctions:
    shows whether the candidate is on any wanted list, high risk list, or black list using information from a wide range of databases around the world.