Vision and Mission

Our Mission:

To maintain a secure society by providing comprehensive and reliable verification services.

Our Vision:

To be the world's leading provider of quality verification services.

Why choose the International Specialized Verification Services?

Travelling and crossing borders for work or business has become very easy and flexible, and the search for better career, life, and commercial opportunities sometimes requires moving to new locations and interacting with different cultures. Globalization and free trade have become defining feature of our age, and this has brought with it new a new generation of fraud, forgery, and other forms of organized crime on a global level. Here at ISVSC we strive to combat fraud, commercial fraud, and misrepresentation of information using the highest professional standards. Our global reach and technical expertise enable us to produce reliable results in the shortest time possible and to guarantee the veracity of the information given to the client.

  • Global reach to more than 120 countries and regions.
  • Associated with over 50,000 sources of information around the world.
  • Advanced and upgraded services to cover all customer needs.
  • fast ,and competitive service delivery.
  • Accredited by competent organizations.
  • Advanced technical systems to integrate with customer systems.
  • Service delivery according to Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • Specialized account management.