Who We Are

Established in Saudi Arabia, ISVSC specializes in verification of information from key sources and databases, commodity and product verification, trademark protection, and evaluation services. Our processes and procedures are designed to ensure that project management and operations are carried out to the highest quality standards. Our dedicated quality management team is responsible for implementing best practices and delivering the highest quality results to our clients. We advocate the values of responsibility, social justice, trust, creativity, effectiveness, honesty, and customer service and we successfully meet the challenges that others avoid. It gives us great pleasure to leave a positive impression on our clients every time we meet and exceeded their expectations.

The Capabilities of International Specialized Verification Services (ISVSC):

An average of 14,000 requests are processed every month.

Global Coverage:

ISVSC has a strong presence in the Arabian Gulf region and offices in Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, Lebanon, India and the Philippines. This is in addition to our global network of exclusive agents through 50,000 monitoring agencies worldwide.